vitrocsa The Invisible Wall System. Since 1993.



Vitrocsa of Switzerland - The Inventor of the world's slimmest sight lines

With 18mm slim profiles (3/4”), the patented Vitrocsa Invisible Wall system features the world’s slimmest sight lines on its sliding walls. Proven and tested since 1993, with over 30,000 Vitrocsa units over 1 million sqf of glazing installed in over 30 countries-without a single failure.

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  • Slim ¾” (18mm) sight lines, still the slimmest in the world
  • Highest-quality Swiss-made components, Precision assembled in USA
  • Tested in USA according to AAMA / WDMA / CSA 101 / I.S.2 A440-05
  • Rollers fitted into the tracks on stainless steel ball bearings, allowing smooth sliding operation
  • Low depth threshold allowing flush installation of threshold with the floor
  • Sliding frames can be completely concealed in the wall for an all-glass look
  • Pivoting doors and vertical sliding systems available in same matching slim profile
  • The Vitrocsa system is thermally broken and has been energy performance tested to NFRC standards
    with a U-value of 0.37 (3001 profile) and 0.28 (TH+ profile).
  • Hurricane impact tested up to 12’ tall x 4’ 6” wide or 10’ tall x 6' wide panels, with maximum wind loads of 65 psf / 160 mph


Often mistaken for a sliding door system, Vitrocsa is actually based on break-through curtain wall technology.
Combining structural glazing and pure precision, resulted in the creation of a uniquely elegant and operable curtain wall system, the Vitrocsa Invisible Wall.

Except for the profiles, every single component of the Vitrocsa Invisible Wall System is developed and manufactured exclusively by a watch components manufactory in Cortaillod (Switzerland) with a precision of a 1/100 of a millimeter, the standard of quality of high-end Swiss watches.

The Vitrocsa sliding and pivoting system has a vast range of possible combinations depending on the specific demands of each project. The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a polyamide thermal break for optimal energy performance. The sliding system functions on rollers on stainless steel ball bearings for a perfectly smooth sliding experience.

Thanks to a clear focus on simplicity, reliability and the use of the highest quality materials, Vitrocsa can withstand the harshest climates and requires virtually no maintenance. Originally engineered to withstand the tough climatic conditions of the Swiss Alps, it is no surprise that the Vitrocsa system recently passed US Hurricane impact tests with ease.

For a truly invisible wall experience, the frames can be concealed in the stucco or drywall, leaving just the connecting ¾" mullions as the only evidence of an operable slider.

Vitrocsa offers a unique selection of proven and tested solutions including pivoting doors and counterbalanced vertical sliders, all with the same slim ¾" profile and allowing panel sizes up to 70 sqf (3001 profile) and up to 200 sqf with the special TH+ profile. Motorization as well as very tall units are possible.

Experience the exceptional freedom of design and expression that Vitrocsa provides to visionary architects. First class technical support and consultation during the design and planning phase are standard.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ~ Leonardo da Vinci
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